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Hackleman Martin 34 Characteristic Etudes Low Horn Co14

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Martin Hackleman

34 Characteristic Etudes for Low Horn Playing

for low horn

CO14 - CHF29.00 (Print)

  • Level: intermediate / advanced
  • Genre: romantic
  • Composed: 1990
Martin Hackleman

Martin Hackleman (*1951)

Martin Hackleman, born in 1952, began his horn studies at the age of 16 with Caesar LaMonaca in Houston (Texas), and went on to the University of Houston. He also studied with Barry Tuckwell a... Read more

About 34 Characteristic Etudes for Low Horn Playing

Improve the low register technique

The purpose of this book is to give horn players an opportunity to improve their low register technique. This neglected area of the horn requires precision of relaxation and timing of the embouchure, tongue, and throat. To produce a full, clean sound air control is emphasized continually. The studies have musical merit as well as some technical challenge; characteristics often automatically dismissed by horn players when playing below the staff.

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