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Masson Askell Sonatina Cl13

Áskell Másson


for clarinet and piano

CL13 - CHF25.00 (Print)

  • Level: intermediate / advanced
  • Duration: 12'30
  • Genre: contemporary
  • Composed: 1998
Áskell Másson

Áskell Másson (*1953)

Played by the best orchestras, ensembles and soloists, his music reflects a powerful sense of drama. The variety of rhythms and sounds, the combination of lyrical and percussive moments, give to hi... Read more

About Sonatina

About the Sonatina

The opening Andante is a dark, slow waltz — a spectre, perhaps, of old Vienna — with its tightly coiled motifs leading to a more lyrical, meditative duet, before trilling straight into the rollicking, frisky Allegro. Notes flutter and rise in blithe larksong, before staccato dancing. After a brief silence, the piano has a loose-limbed, improvisatory interlude before the music dances its way back, tightening and teasing its musical material to a high climax point before subsiding into the Adagio. This returns to the dark, sober piano chords of the opening, and a cadenza-like clarinet passage seems to reflect on all that has gone before. Hilary Finch

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