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Masson Askell IO PERC45

Áskell Másson


for snare drum solo and 3 percussions

PERC45 Score and parts - CHF28.00 (Print)

  • Level: advanced
  • Duration: 8'
  • Genre: contemporary
  • Composed: 2022
Áskell Másson

Áskell Másson (*1953)

Played by the best orchestras, ensembles and soloists, his music reflects a powerful sense of drama. The variety of rhythms and sounds, the combination of lyrical and percussive moments, give to hi... Read more

About Io

Inachus, the river god of Argos, had a beautiful daughter named Io. She served Hera, wife of Zeus, as a priestess. Zeus fell in love with her, making Hera jealous. She turned Io into a white heifer. However, with Zeus’ help, Io was able to return to her natural appearance. In Egypt, they had one son, who would become king, named Epaphus.

Apart from the Greek Mythology, we also learn that Io is a moon. With over 400 active volcanoes, it is the most geologically active object in the Solar System.

Io’s surface is also dotted with more than 100 mountains that have been uplifted by extensive compression of its silicate crust. Some of those peaks are taller than Mount Everest, the tallest point on Earth.

During the 17th and 18th centuries, the moon Io played a significant role in the development of astronomy. Galileo Galilei made the discovery in 1610 along with the other Galilean satellites. This discovery led to the adoption of the Copernican model of the Solar System, the development of Kepler´s laws of motion, and the first measurement of the speed of light.

The powers of creation and recreation, together with the beautiful godesses dramatic life described in the mythology, were inspiring thoughts in the process of composing this piece.

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