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Balissat Jean Promenade Avec Jean Jacques Rousseau Orch64

Jean Balissat

Promenade avec J.J. Rousseau

for string orchestra

ORCH64b Orchestra score - CHF43.00 (Print)

  • Duration: 13'
  • Genre: contemporary
  • Composed: 2000
Jean Balissat

Jean Balissat (1936-2007)

Jean Balissat was born in 1936 in Lausanne (Switzerland), and was drawn straight away to composing and conducting. He studied harmony and counterpoint in Lausanne, before taking composition, orches... Read more

About Promenade avec J.J. Rousseau

Plays with excerpts of the Devin du Village

Promenade avec Jean-Jacques Rousseau plays with excerpts of the Devin du Village (1752), instrumented, arranged and composed for strings. Played for the king, in Fontainebleau in 1752,  Le Devin du Village [The Diviner of the Village] gained a considerable success and maintained for more than a half-a-century Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s reputation as a composer. It is a pleasant lyrical pastorale which charm essentially relates to the melodic invention. Inspired in the same manner Stravinsky treated Pergolese’s music in his Pulcinella, I conceived the Promenade using eight fragments of the Devin du Village, always quoted in their original key.

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