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Foures Henri Musica Ficta Ens8

Henry Fourès

Musica Ficta No 7

for brass quintet

ENS8 Score and parts - CHF48.00 (Print)

  • Level: advanced
  • Duration: 8'30
  • Genre: contemporary
  • Composed: 1988
Henry Fourès

Henry Fourès (*1948)

Born in the south of France in 1948. Performs jazz and light music. Completed his musical studies at the Paris Conservatoire and in the Musical Research Group at the National Audio- visual Institut... Read more

About Musica Ficta No 7

Prescribed work at the 2nd International Brass Quintet Competition, Narbonne 1988.

The Tiento is one of the oldest forms of the "cante flamenco". Its very condensed form originates in variations on a short melodic motif or an area of harmony. The old conte is diyided ito yery brief capias (couplets), often without literary connections and often independent, although based on the same motifs with slight variations.

The Seguiriya, always "jonda" and tragic, is one of the two or three basic songs of the old "cante grande". It is often preceded by a "preparation" from the singer.

The contracted Andalusian pronunciation of the word "Soledad" (solitude). In Flamenco it is "the key to the conte". The Solea is the purest and most archaic of the "cantes jondos". It was the first to be sung with guitar accompaniment

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