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Mase Raymond Extended Flexibility Tp327

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Raymond Mase
Extended Flexibility

for trumpet & other valved brass instruments

  • Level: intermediate / advanced
  • Languages: English, French, German
  • Composed: 2013

Reference: TP327
English / Français / Deutsch


  • Published: 2014
  • Pages: 38
  • Publisher: Editions Bim


Raymond Mase

Raymond Mase (*1951)

Trumpeter Raymond Mase enjoys a diverse career as soloist, chamber artist, orchestral player, and pedagogue. As a member of the American Brass Quintet from 1973-2013, he performed worldwide, premie... Read more

About Extended Flexibility

Unusual paths to progress

Over the years, many fine methods have been written that help develop, refine, and maintain a trumpeter’s technique. The studies in this book aren’t meant to replace traditional trumpet study material, but to further extend the fundamental skills of playing. Suggested practice of these studies is to only include a few minutes from each section of the book daily.

Mase  Raymond  Extended  Flexibility  Slurring  Tp327

I. Slurring

Slurring is considered by many to be the foundation of a trumpeter’s flexibility. Interestingly, most trumpeters tend to separate lip and valve slurring in their practice, even though ultimately they need to sound the same.
Mase  Raymond  Extended  Flexibility  Fingering  Tp327

II. Fingering

There are plenty of published studies that exercise the fingers. Here are a few new ones that work particularly awkward combinations.
Mase  Raymond  Extended  Flexibility  Mixed  Articulations  Tp327

III. Mixed articulation

Most traditional mixed articulation studies are based on slurring and tonguing in consistent groups of twos or threes. The familiar patterns in the examples below are not all that difficult because the rhythmic configuration, pattern of notes, and articulation are based on the same number through the whole exercise.
Mase  Raymond  Extended  Flexibility  Intervals Dynamics  Tp327

IV. Intervals and dynamics

Uniformity of rhythm, dynamics and intervals make some passages very logical and easy to execute.
Mase  Raymond  Extended  Flexibility  Lip  Fitness  Tp327

V. Lip fitness

Finding ways to achieve a vibrant feeling in our lips day to day is challenging. Here are a few studies that help get the lips vibrating freely.