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Reskin Charles Easy Trumpet Outings Tp319

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Charles Reskin
Easy Trumpet Outings

12 Etudes & 11 Duets

for trumpet and mp3 accompaniments

  • Level: easy / intermediate
  • Languages: English, French, German
  • Series: Bim Junior Series
  • Composed: 2009

Reference: TP319


  • Published: 2011
  • Pages: 39
  • Publisher: Editions Bim

Audio samples

1. Celtic Fair
6. Retro Blues
7. Rock On
8. Solo Flight
10. Worlds Shortest Movie



Charles Reskin

Charles Reskin (*1946)

Charles Reskin was born in New York City in 1946. Though he started out as a percussionist, he soon became attracted to the trumpet. During his high school years he played both instruments with loc... Read more

About Easy Trumpet Outings

Combines stimulation and entertainment

Accompaniments available on SoundCloud

The Trumpet Outings series are conceived to familiarize trumpet players of all levels with a large musical horizont.

These books provide original etudes and duets inspired by various composers and styles which mark out music history: from Renaissance to Debussy, from Mozart to Carlos Jobim, via Schoenberg, Steve Reich, Jazz, Celts and other folk music.

Tp319 Range


The playing range mostly lies in the middle register. Each piece is accompanied by performance suggestions and a few facts about the style or genre of the piece. At the end of the book there is an alphabetical glossary of all the musical terms, dynamics and markings used in the music.
Tp319  Celtic  Fair

Celtic Fair

Time to kick back and dance, Irish style! The key signature says Bb, but it's really in Eb Lydian mode. Don't freak out about the name, just remember that your "home" key is built on Eb, even if the scale sounds a bit weird. That's what gives the piece its Celtic folk-dance flavor.
1. Celtic Fair
Charles Reskin cleverly combines stimulation and entertainment, humor and emotion, with professionalism and pedagogy. An excellent preparation to the repertory.
Tp319  Galactic  Battle  Plan

Galactic Battle Plan

There’s no trick to playing music in 5/4. Just count five beats in each measure and keep them all equal. Start out with a very aggressive, war-like style, then back off in bar 6 and let it be more thoughtful, gradually building back up to the return of the “battle” music at bar 17.
4. Galactic Battle Plan
Tp319  The  Worlds  Shortest  Movie

The World’s Shortest Movie

Act I: The action begins (you can dream up your own story). Play the dotted 8th-notes crisp and leave a tiny bit of space before the 16-notes. All other 8th notes staccato (short). Act II: Love Theme (Bar 9). Relax the tempo a bit, follow the slurs and make it sing. Act III: Climax (Bar 17). Like the beginning, but start soft and watch the dynamics. Popcorn, anyone?
10. Worlds Shortest Movie
Tp319  Los  Dos  Mariachi

Los Dos Mariachis

When you hear Mexican Mariachi music, you know it’s fiesta time! Make the staccato 8th notes short and crisp. Make the melody at bar 9 sing - now’s the time to try that vibrato!