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Svetlana Leontchik (*1939)


Svetlana Leontchik

Composer Svetlana Leontchik was born to a family of musicians on December 5, 1939, in the Siberian city of Tomsk (USSR). In 1965 she graduated in composition from the Moscow State P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music, where her professors were Yury Shaporin, Yevgeny Golubev, Vladimir Fere and Alfred Schnittke.

Svetlana Leontchik is currently a member of the Composers Union of Russia, having previously been a member of the now defunct Union of Composers of the USSR, which she joined in 1966.

Her compositions include two symphonies, Sinfonietta for strings, three instrumental concertos with orchestra (for the trumpet, for the piano, for the strings) as well as a pair of string quartets, instrumental sonatas, vocal and choral music, music for dramatic

productions, and music for children.

In addition to her work as an active composer, Svetlana Leontchik is a teacher of harmony, solfeggio and music literature.

Svetlana Leontchik has been on the staff of the Apparatus of the Union of Moscow Composers for 30 years, supervising the activities of its music category panels (symphony, chamber, opera, electro-acoustic and music for Russian folk instruments)


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