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Sigismund Neukomm (1778-1858)


Sigismund Neukomm

Sigismund-Johannes-Gualbertus-Franciscus-Xaverus Ritter von Neukomm (1778-1858), composer, pianist and conductor from Salzburg, student of the Haydn brothers, among others, was well-travelled in most of European countries, as well as in North Africa and Brazil.

An intimate friend of many French musicans (Cherubini, Gossec, Grétry), he was also Talleyrand’s pianist. He was well-known during his lifetime. The Te Deum, sung at Notre-Dame in Paris May 4th, 1814 for the solemn entry of King Louis XVIII in Paris, is one of his many compositions.

He maintained friendships with many romantic artists, but Neukomm’s spirit belonged fundamentaly to the classics. His voluminous work include several pieces for brass ensembles. Neukomm lived in Paris for the rest of his life; and his body is buried at the Montmartre cemetery


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