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Julien-François Zbinden (1917-2021)


Julien-François Zbinden

Julien-François Zbinden was born on November 11th, 1917 in Rolle (Vaud/Switzerland). After having studied piano, with secondary studies in voice and violin, he began in 1938 his musical career as a pianist in a jazz band, having had a passion for jazz at an early age. As a composer, he was self-taught at the beginning, so to speak. After 1947 he worked at the musical department of Radio Suisse Romande, rapidly moving to positions of great responsibility. President of the Swiss Association of Musicians (1973-1979) and, from 1987 to 1991, of SUISA (Swiss society for author’s rights), he has composed ceaselessly all his life.

His catalog of works includes over a hundred works (opera, oratorio, five symphonies, concertos, choral music, music for radio and film), of which many have received international recognition. Julien-François Zbinden is one of the Swiss contemporary composers who is played throughout the world. Many of his works have also been recorded.



Sonate en trio op. 46
for viola, cello and piano

MCX57 Sonate en Trio

Triade op. 78
for 2 trumpets and string orchestra

I. Allegro poco maestoso
II. Lento con malinconia
III. Vivace e gaiamente

Triade op. 78
for 2 trumpets and organ

I. Allegro poco maestoso
II. Lento con malinconia
III. Vivace e gaiamente

Symphonie N° 5 op. 100
for symphony orchestra

I. Ostinato
II. Scherzo
III. Adagio
IV. Finale

Symphonie N° 4 op. 82
for string orchestra

I. Lento Misterioso
I. Allegro
II. Lento
III. Moderato Molto
IV. Prestissimo

Symphonie N° 3 op. 77
for orchestra

Symphonie N° 3

Sinfonietta op. 81
for chamber orchestra


Poème op. 84
for viola and string orchestra


Narbonne Festival op. 80
for brass quintet

I. Intrada
II. Fantasia
III. Scherzo
IV. Aria
V. Mozartiana

Mouvements op. 75
for violin, viola and cello


Itinéraire avec M.A.R.C. op. 94
for piano

Itinéraire avec M.A.R.C

Alligun op. 69
for string quartet