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Jukka Harju (*1975)


Jukka Harju

(born 1975, Kokkola) studied the French horn in Sibelius Academy under Kalervo Kulmala's guidance. He completed his studies in Vienna with Roland Berger. He also succesfully participated several competitions at a young age and represented Finland in the European Broadcasting Union's Young Soloists' Competition 1986 in Dublin, Ireland. He recently won the 1st price in the International Lieksa Horn Competition 2005.

He has also attended many international youth orchestras, among them the solo horn's position in Claudio Abbado's Gustav Mahler Jugend Orchestra and European Union Youth Orchestra. Jukka worked in Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra in 2003-2006 and currently holds the position of sub-principal in Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra. He is also the solo horn player in Helsinki Festival Orchestra.

Jukka's other professions include movie director and editor which he majored and graduated at Tampere School of Arts and Media. He's also a gifted composer and performed his own composition in the International Horn Competition in Geneva in 2004.


Swedish Folk Songs Suite
for horn quartet

1. Skaffare Polska
2. Psalm From Alvdalsasen
3. Waltz From Siljansnas And Ratvik
4. I Watched In Secret
5. Grandmothers Brodal Polska

Horn Hounds “Those Crazy Dogs”
for 2 horns

Horn Hounds