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Brass Bulletin No 56 1986

Brass Bulletin N° 56, IV - 1986

International Magazine for Brass Players

Out of print

Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 03-06)
Stephan Suter
Instrument making in USA X - BLESSING (page 105-107)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Brass Techniques: The ear (page 12-14)
The Art of the Musical Instrument Maker [Paris, 1795] III [extracts] (page 15-16)
Michel Laplace
Tubas in jazz and popular music I (page 18-22)
Michael Struck-Schloen
Between Furniture Music and Twelve-Note Concerto II (page 24-32)
Colin Bloch
ITG Conference, London 1986: a personal view (page 34-38)
Edouard Gros
How and why I became a musician VII [end] (page 39-43)
Balint A. Varga
György Geiger - A Giant of a trumpeter [Hungary] (page 44-48)
Paul Roth
Unpleasant neighbourghood' - woodcut 1865' (page 49)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Winners of the Munich Competition [1952-1985] (page 5)
Anatoly Barantsev
Yuriy A. BOL'SHIYANOV - A Russian Trumpeter (page 51-53)
Régiment d'Infanterie - lithography, Paris 19th c. (page 54-55)
Peter Damm
Did Bach write the corne da caccia part in B min Mass for Reiche? I (page 61-73)
Edward H. Tarr
MUNICH 1986: Trumpet Competition [R. Friedrich, U. Agnas, G. Vosburgh] (page 7-11)
Dr. Klaus Winkler
Trombone and Organ, A Dialog I (page 75-89)
Hoover & Son
Litho Philadelphia 1904' (page I)

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