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Brass Bulletin No 47 1984

Brass Bulletin N° 47, III - 1984

International Magazine for Brass Players

Out of print

Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial - A Midsummer Night's Dream'' (page 07-10)
Jost Ammann
Imperatoris tubicen The Fieldtrumpeter - Wood cut, 1568 (page 11)
Albert Hiller
The trumpet in the north German postal service of the 19th century (page 12-18)
Thomas Aitken
John FLETCHER - Tuba britannica (page 19-24)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Science in the service of music - Interview with René Périnelli (page 26-29)
Jeffrey Agrell
Interview with Thomas MÜLLER [Natural Horn] (page 31-33)
Michel Laplace
Maurice Ravel and the new trombone (page 34-38)
Michel Laplace
The Trumpet and the Cornet in Jazz and Popular Musik VI - end (page 39-45)
Kurt Balmoos
Cartoon [Trumpet player on Opera stage] (page 50)
Pierre Trichet
On hunitng horns and other [excerpts from Traité...' 1640' (page 51-54)
Jeffrey Agrell
Tom VARNER - Jazz and the Horn - portrait (page 55-57)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Paolo LONGINOTTI (1913-1963) - His career I (page 58-69)
Ed. Ratti
The Village Musician [Cooper-plate, ca 1850]] (page 96)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Martin BERGANDE [*1960 D] Portrait + Minutenspiel, for 2 trumpets (page FC)

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