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Brass Bulletin No 108 1999

Brass Bulletin N° 108, IV - 1999

International Magazine for Brass Players

BB108 | English / French / German - CHF18.00 (Print)

Jean-Pierre Mathez
Editorial (page 05-11)
Brass Bulletin
ARD München, 9. - 18. Sept. 1999 - Horn Competition (page 122-126)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Royal Concertgebow Orchestra - Happy brass players! (page 128-133)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Ivan Meylemans, a trombone from out of the blue (page 134-139)
Javier Bonet Manrique
The horn in Madrid in the 18th century (Part 3) (page 14-21)
Jeremy Mathez
My name is Watkins... Derek Watkins - The man with the golden trumpet (page 28-33)
Michio Sugihara
Guebwiller 1999 - International competition for tenor trombone and bass trombone (page 36-42)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
Hamamatsu - Music capital of Japan (page 44-53)
Alexeï Levachkine
A short history of the tuba in Russia (II) (page 58-66)
Jeremy Mathez
Paxman Bros Ltd, the force of destiny (page 72-78)
Elisabeth Brusa
“Sociedad Musical Instructiva Santa Cecilia” (page 83-87)
Dr. Toshio Nemoto
Dental Clinic for Wind Players (XVII) (page 93-95)
Jean-Pierre Mathez
YAMAHA - 40 years of brasses (page 98-121)

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